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9255-A2 6 Way Adj. Soft Close Face Framed Hinge ( Partial Overlay Hinge )

More Convenient & Elegant
3-tier soft close adjustment by your preference
You can switch on/off the soft close function. There are also six-way adjustment modes that could help to easily adjust the closing speed without disassembling and re-install.
6 way Adjustable soft close face-framed hinge
Overlay : Plates :
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6 Way Adjustable Soft Close Face-Framed Hinge(Partial Overlay)
Our 6-way adjustable soft closing functional hinge can be easily activated by a swtich. It provides users both soft-closing and non soft-closing options for their preference. The quiet hinge movement makes your dream kitchen more convenient and user-friendly. Additionally, the 6-way adjustments can possibly modify the installation errors; hence increase the efficiency of assembly. King Slide is always dedicated to continuous creation to enhance the better life quality you deserve.

Cup diameter: 1-3/8"(35mm)
Cup Depth: 7/16"(11mm)
Opening: 105°
Finish: Nickel-plated
Material: Cold rolled steel
Overlay: 5/16" (7.9mm), 3/8" (9.5mm),
7/16" (11.1mm), 1/2" (12.7mm),
9/16; (14.3mm),  5/8" (15.9mm),
Overall Dimension Boring Pattern
Unit:mm Unit:mm
Door Overlay
Item No. Screws
(Without Dowels)
Knock-in Dowels
inch (mm)
Model No. Model No.
5/16" (7.9) 9255-A22E-NZH.554C 9255-A23E-NZH.554C
3/8" (9.5) 9255-A22F-NZH.554C 9255-A23F-NZH.554C
7/16" (11.1) 9255-A22G-NZH.554C 9255-A23G-NZH.554C
1/2" (12.7) 9255-A22H-NZH.554C 9255-A23H-NZH.554C
*1/2" (12.7) 9255-A22H-NZH.552C 9255-A23H-NZH.552C
9/16" 14.3 9255-A22I-NZH.554C 9255-A23I-NZH.554C
5/8" (15.9) 9255-A22J-NZH.554C 9255-A23J-NZH.554C
3/4" (19.1) 9255-A22L-NZH.554C 9255-A23L-NZH.554C
  *available as edge mount hinges
Number of Hinge per Door Minimum Revial

【Assembly and Adjustments】

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