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1J69F Soft Close Undermount Slide with 6-Way Adjustment for Face Frame Cabinets (16mm)

  • ● Includes 1J69F Slides, Locking Devices, Rear Mounting Brackets.
Total Length :
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 ULead Undermount Slides Series– Elegant, Luxury and Silent.

Undermounted concealed runners with full extension travel length
Ultra smooth gliding motion with high rigidity and stability
Enhanced silent soft-closing feature with light opening force
Durable damping system with fast response capability
Tool-less drawer height adjustment from the drawer front
Tool-less drawer side adjustment from locking device
Tool-less built in depth adjustment roller on the drawer member
Simple assembly and removal of drawer with the front release latch
Dynamic loading capacity of 40kg (88lb) with100,000 life cycles, or 45kg (100lb) with50,000 life cycles.
Can be mounted either in face frame style using rear bracket, or in frameless style to the side of the cabinet.
For Face Framed Cabinets : Kitchen Cabinetry, Home Furniture.


Length: 229 / 305 / 381 / 457 / 533mm
Travel: Full Extension
Maximum Drawer Side Thickness: 16mm(5/8")
Max. Load Capacity: 45 kg(100 lb)/pair
Height Adjustment: +3.5mm
Side Adjustment: ±1.5mm
Depth Adjustment: ±2mm
Mount: Undermount
Material: Galvanized Steel
Packing: Unit Packed in 6 pairs/carton
【Space Requirement】
【Dimensional Specifications】
 Note: Holes other than those shown are stamped for internal manufacturing purposes and may change without notice.
Item No. Drawer Length
Overall Cabinet Depth
Cabinet Depth With Bracket
Profile Length
System Screw Locations
mm (inch)
Max Min A B
1J69F229 229 (9") 305 (12") 256 (10-1/16") 133 (5-1/4") 229 (9")

305 (12")

381 (15") 369 (14-9/16")

326 (12-7/8")

318 (12-1/2")

165 (6-1/2")

261 (10-1/4")


381 (15")

457 (18")

446 (17-9/16")

403 (15-7/8")

394 (15-1/2")

165 (6-1/2")

357 (14-1/16")


457 (18")

533 (21")

522 (20-9/16")

479 (18-7/8")

470 (18-1/2")

261 (10-1/4")

453 (17-13/16")


533 (21")

610 (24")

598 (23-9/16")

555 (21-7/8")

546 (21-1/2")

261 (10-1/4")

517 (20-3/8")

Fit with American standard 3" cabinet

【Installation Instruction】
1. Before Installing the slides, make sure the cabinet and the drawer meets Dimensional Specification in the product page.
2. Drill holes on the cabinet following the Dimensional Specifications drawing on the product page, Mount the Rear Bracket on the cabinet using the recommended type of screws.
3. Make the drawer cut-outs according to Fig 1A dimension (Using the drilling template FL00ZD0-A shown in the page 35), and install the locking device according to Fig. 1B and 1C .

4. Pull out the slides on the cabinet.

5. PosPosition and align the drawer with slide as shown in Fig. 2A and 2B. Push the drawer all the way into the cabinet as shown in 2C until the drawer is completely click into the cabinet.

Download【1J69F PDF】

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